Local Trade Copier For Metatrader 4 Review

Local Trade Copier For Metatrader 4

The local trade copier is the best software that enables the Forex Traders of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4), trade multiple Forex accounts from different brokers at the same time. This software is built to help both the retail forex traders and account managers in duplicating forex trades between different accounts. Rimantas Petrauskas, a professional developer of the Forex Trading signal delivery software for MetaTrader 4client terminal, is the creator of the program. The software has been in the market since 2010 and has received much positive feedback from the users. This program, when installed to your account, automatically copies your trades to other accounts added to your forex trade with no need of repeating the same business operations on each of the MT4 platforms individually. In addition, this software not only helps in creating portfolios of several other MT4 accounts but also turning losing trade strategies into winnings. The retail forex traders can become independent account managers without the need of opening expensive accounts with the brokers. This software is reliable and it will save you time.

Installation and Use of the Software 

The Local Trade Copier has a guideline that teaches you how to install the program and the ways to use it. It gives you the prompts to follow when you upload the software or when you insert the disk. Therefore, it does not require any mastering of skills.

Characteristics of Local Trade Copier

The Local Trade copier has some interesting features that you would absolutely love. After getting conversant with it, you will love to try it out. Below are some of the features:

  • It is automated. This means that you do not need to apply any know-how to the software since it works on itself. The software does all the hard parts for you and therefore you do not need to struggle in attaining profits.
  • It is fast and more reliable. Its speed is high and helps you in saving time, therefore, no need to stay in one position trying to copy the trades. Moreover, since it is of high quality, it makes it reliable compared to other copiers.
  • It is also easily adjustable. You can not only adjust it in a system that has low processing speed but also those with high processing speed. It also utilizes a small space in the computer’s memory.
  • If you are in a hurry to make changes in your account, and you do not have your laptop or computer nearby, you can do the changes through the MT4 mobile application.
  • The most important trait of this software is that it allows you to trade in multiple accounts simultaneously. This helps you save time.
  • It has more risk management options that control the uncertainties for the trades you copy.
  • It has videos that are designed to teach you ways on which you can make the software fully automatic.
  • It has a recovery system that will help you not lose the history of your trades. On your future trades, you might need to look at your previous trades so as to be on track with everything.
  • The security of the system is of high quality. This will protect your forex trading accounts from being hacked.

Advantages of Local Trade Copier

Every Forex trader would want to know the benefits of using the Local Trade Copier. Below are the advantages of the software:

  • It has a user-friendly interface. It basically means that you do not need any intelligence in operating the software. You only need basic computer knowledge.
  • It is automatic.
  • The profits are fast and this explains that, when you start using the program, you do not need to go through the trial and error notions.
  • It supports both the provider and the receiver.
  • It is of low complexity since it is easy to install, runs perfectly and it has more functions.
  • The customization of the software will enable you to trade at your own pace and also monitor what is important in the market.
  • It gives you automatic notifications just like messages. If it detects a change in your forex trade account, it will notify you of what has happened.
  • With the high security, you will not need to have any worries on your account being hacked.
  • Since you can be able to do absolutely everything by yourself, you can get rid of the brokers and they will not need to be there fleecing you around.

It is evident that this software is not a scam and it is legit. This is seen from the reviews that are made by many users who have tried out the program. The main advantage of using the software is that you can do your trades in several other accounts without doing them individually all the time since the software makes it simple by the automatic factor. Try it and experience the best results.

Local Trade Copier For Metatrader 4
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