O'connor Racing Review

O'connor Racing

The product is a tipster service that sends selections in real time to your email. Of course, you have to subscribe to the service through their online portal. Typically, the email updates come in a span of 1 hour between 8pm and 9pm when Collin believes quality bets are in plenty. It gives you an idea of where to place a bet and when to do it; there focus of this service is on quality.

Actually, Collin, the author, mentions severally that the basic philosophy of this tipster service is quality rather than quantity. While the selection updates come regularly, it is not necessarily on a daily basis. It means there are no mediocre ideas on your email; if there is nothing new to help you win you better save time and energy in strategizing on the next bet.

Colin goes ahead to recommend and advice on whether the bets should be a win or individual bets. The author specifically presents the ideas as suggestions and leaves the ultimate decision to individual players. Every move is entirely dependent on you, nobody to credit or blame for a win or loss.

The tipster service is full of surprises; you can expect up to 8 bets in a day and sometimes zero. Either way, you have a guarantee of winning because Colin only provides the best selection for a bet win. According to the author, the service is more of an investment rather than gambling because you will rarely lose. You are guaranteed to win, at least twice hence earn from your investment. The horse tipster service is on basis of more than 1 point on every bet.

Why this service?

You can take a whole day and maybe go for a week without selecting any proper bets. You need a proper horse tipster service like this development by Colin that guarantees quality bets. The regular suggestions help you to understand how the odds work. At first, you will be dependent on the service but the ultimate goal of the author is to help you analyze and identify the best bets for a win.

The main challenge in gambling is making proper decisions. Any wrong turn will have cost you lots of time and money. Colin’s idea is to improve decision-making and increase winning chances. Also, when all users on different platforms are experts and experienced, the games become more competitive hence interesting.

If you are enthusiastic about gambling and thinking of going big, this product is necessary. As the author describes it, it is not gambling, it is an investment as you play.

How to use the service

Colin avails the product in various forms to ensure it applies to various kinds of users. While all come through email and it is easy to access as an ebook, subscribers have a choice based on their preferences. Of course, the tip sharing is only to members. Some access the tips through video series while others through the ebooks. Unlike other horse tipster services, Colin’s development is more flexible.

The focus of the author is on quality content. How you want to receive the emails is upon you just like implementation of the tips is left to personal choice. It is literally a service and Colin does it well. It is all about sharing tips to win. The best among quality selections come alongside advice on how to make the bets.

Can I Subscribe?

Yes, of course. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie, intermediate or expert in the industry. There is a lot to benefit irrespective of your skill level. The basis of winning in the industry is timeliness and proper selection. You need this regardless of how you are acquainted with the horse tipster service.

Obviously, the design favors newbies because of the simplistic interface and elaborate features. The aim is to help users grow. The subscription is only a way to show your commitment and need for help. Be sure to keep updated with your email every evening for tips to win.

O'connor Racing
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