Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Review

Profit Maximiser is a platform created for advanced matched betting. This product makes you learn how to cash out the free online bookmakers’ bets for a profit, big or small. Profit Maximiser is not a gambling system because it focuses on and making money using betting sites. It takes matters to another level by hitting the advanced bookmaker, casino, and bingo offers.

About The Author

The creator or author of the profit maximiser program is none other than Mike Cruickshank. This guy is far from fraud since he is behind the creation and development of many greatly successful matched betting products. Bonus Bagging was the very first ever product launched by him back in the year 2010. The profit maximiser is the ultimate successor of Bonus Bagging. Bonus Bagging has been considered to be one of the best gaming sites out there. Also, many of his former students have gone out and set up their rival services.

The above description tells you how big of a deal the author of this program is and the level of legitimacy it has. Profit Maximiser is an updated version of Bonus Bagging with, of course, more tools and features to help you maximize your profits.

How Does It Work?

The profit Maximiser program has a membership site, which is easy to use.

  • First, you will be required to log in to their membership site. There is a step by step guide through the site for you to use it well and also to securely set up your accounts.
  • Right away, there are some bets which the author has pre-screened for you to make on order to backup your membership fee. This happens within the first hours of login.
  • Within no time, you will be taking the lead and advantage of your very first offers as almost everything is in the open for you to get in and start making good money right away.
  • There is also a private membership website where the author himself and other members hang out, and you will be able to have access to it and also interact with the author.
  • If for any reason a person finds it hard to set up their accounts, there are video instructions which you can instantly receive that help you set up all your accounts.

The following is what is included to your profit maximiser membership:

  • You get basic bookmaker training plus other offers
  • You also get basic casino training and other such offers
  • You get advanced bookmaker training and similar offers
  • Also advanced casino training and other offers
  • You get a private Facebook forum and email support

Pros Of Profit Maximiser Product

  • It is an advanced matched betting platform which generally means that it teaches you how to cask out the free online bookmarkers’ bets for a good profit
  • It is generally a genuine way to make money online
  • The members of the private Facebook forum are very helpful
  • This system does not require any previous gambling knowledge to operate
  • It offers great support
  • The training guidelines offered are of good quality
  • It also presents you with different strategies for different capabilities or abilities


  • One of the major setbacks if this system is that it only works for the residents of the UK or Ireland. It has not yet reached the rest of the world
  • Another con is the unavailability of monthly subscriptions.
  • It is also slightly overwhelming at first. If you are an amateur, it might pose a challenge to you
  • For people who have a history of gambling problems, it might not be a good idea to use this system since it requires you to access betting sites

Most people owe their online money-making success to the skills and strategies if the author Mike Cruickshank. Some are even raking in cash nearly every day for even up to 5 years as profit maximizer members.

How much money can you make using Profit Maximiser? That is a good question. Many people out there are lazy and want to make money quickly. But quite the contrary, in this system it is all down to the amount of work you put in. There is a general saying that works hard and plays hard. That is the mantra that the author chose to go with. The first month or so should be set aside for learning, but you can also make some money meanwhile. Afterward, you can comfortably bank good amounts of money from the bookmakers’ initial offers from their ongoing promotions.

So if you are in the UK or an Ireland resident above the age of 18 and you are interested in making money online, then join Profit Maximiser. It is a great option, and it has been tried, tested, and verified.

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