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Visualization doesn't mean that as soon as you "get the picture right" in your mind, you will immediately produce the result. But it does mean that generally, over time, your trading decisions and actions can be adjusted to correlate with your new financial objective.

Your mind continually scans large quantities of information. Then, it selects a very small portion of that information on which to focus. There are layers and layers of mental images that influence your every activity, and learning how to select among them is a major step in learning how to control not only your thinking processes but your behavior as well. Ifyou wish, you can become very active in this scanning and selecting process, and can actually choose consciously images and thoughts that will enable you to trade more freely, going beyond self-protective instincts that keep you from trading the way you would like.

The more you can learn to control the focusing process, the more you will become centered on the present moment, and the better you will be able to participate in trading events each day.

In the words of an olden dervish saying, "When it is time for stillness, stillness; in the time of companionship, companionship; at the place of effort, effort. In the time and place of anything, anything." Understanding this maxim makes it easier for you to accept your own best efforts—and more likely that those efforts will mirror your "pre-played" image of what they should be.

As you pay attention to your thoughts, notice how so-called good and bad thoughts are mixed together and how, in a sense, you cannot say there is such a thing as negative thinking. As you begin, be aware of the fact that these thoughts are randomly generated and you have little to do with them. You seem to be thinking these thoughts, yet when you begin to focus on them you see that they are being spontaneously generated and represent the activity of the neural structures of the brain coupled with programmed thoughts embedded in your memory by the variety of experiences in your life. Beyond these random, continuous thoughts, there are other thoughts that you could bring to the surface; but you cannot get to them until you understand the automatic nature of these thoughts, which come from the conditioned life principle discussed in Chapter 2. It takes time to be able to differentiate these thoughts from the ones that you generate from your true inner self.

Once you have practiced becoming aware of your thoughts, you can begin to nudge your thinking to objectives of your choice. How do you do this? By standing outside your automatic, judgmental thoughts that keep you locked in the past. Since your own thoughts lurk behind these random repetitive ones, you gradually get in touch with them as you gain control over the thinking mechanism.

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