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Sports Arbitrage

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Implied Volatility Dynamics

In the previous chapter we looked at ways to measure and forecast realized volatility. In a sports gambling context this would be akin to us forecasting which team would be most likely to win the game. In this chapter we look at the ways implied volatility can move. This would be the equivalent of predicting how the bookmakers' line might move before the game. Remember that we are not trading either realized or implied volatility directly. We are trading the spread between the two, so edge can be found on both sides.

Fx Spread Betting

Spread betting is as old as the City itself, but was first offered as an organized service in 1974 by IG Index, a company that today remains the largest spread betting bookmaker. The idea is simple the client asks for a price in the relevant spot rate, and then chooses to buy or sell a specified amount, expressed in GBP per pip movement. 3. Spread betting clients can use 'guaranteed' (i.e. slippage-free) stops to trade on much lower margin. Some of the larger bookmakers will even allow a trusted client to deal on zero margin, without any kind of stop (so long as the client is a UK resident). 4. Profits from spread betting are free of Capital Gains Tax (so long as the client is not using spread betting activity as his main source of income. The transaction is considered to fall under gambling legislation, rather than the legislation covering investment activity there is a small Gross Profits Tax that the bookmaker absorbs as part of their costs).