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Cover The Draw

The creator of this nice strategy is Robert Horbury. He is a gambler and has been playing bets for many years and has lost a lot of money and also gained. It was until he came up with this strategy Cover The Draw that he was able to obtain maximum profit from bet and create wealth for himself. He believes that football odds are rubbish and rely on daily Acca's to make his money. The results his tips obtain are what give him high reputation. His tips has helped a lot of people all over the world create wealth through gambling. Just go through his previous tips and you will see that he can be trusted. This is a betting website that provides you with daily tips on bets that cover the draw of every game you play to lower your chances of losing any bet. Keep in mind that every single day has a game to offer, even if it is just one. This strategy is for all punters who are willing to exercise patience to make profits, if you are in hurry you will not gain from this strategy. You do not need to have any technical skill, just sign up and get the tips. Continue reading...

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Creator: Robert Horbury
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Sports Spread Betting

Spread betting lets you win more than speculated and also lose more than you think. However, when you have the right stats at your disposal, you won't have to lose at all. This is why you should trust Sports Spread Betting a unique email subscription service from which you'll receive almost daily emails containing all the valuable information of the trades/selections, and the stats behind their selection by Max. It is a solution to your betting problems if you are a pro bettor. However, if you are just entering into the world of spread betting, then it can be your propeller to long-lasting success. What's really important to understand about this service is that you'll receive a monthly profit of 25 points by following the suit of Max. You won't have to do anything else just follow the maestro and see how your dreams come into reality. There are no bonuses with this subscription, but only security and a promise of a full refund of the subscription price if you don't receive the promised profit. Simple as that. Sports Spread Betting is your way forward if you want to master spread betting. There are no risks but a monthly reward. Continue reading...

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Contents: Email Service
Creator: Max Revilo
Official Website:
Price: $31.66

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The Whale's Picks

The Whale Picks was created by the Sports Betting Whale, an alias that has been derived from the huge winnings. The actual product that's selling is The Whale Picks Premium Membership which is a digital product in form of a membership where you can register and receive the Whale's picks for your winnings. It includes betting picks that were chosen by the Sports Betting Whale and some bonuses. When you register in the membership, whether by email or call, you'll receive an email which includes monthly selections of the picks and the bonuses for members as well. The program mainly utilizes the famous Round Robin strategy. This strategy enables you to make bets over multiple parlays to win big. This product is for people who want to win big and with confidence that they will sure win due to the genius strategies this system operates on. Continue reading...

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Contents: Membership Site
Creator: The Whale
Official Website:
Price: $299.00

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Cash Builder Method Review

The cash builder method product is an award-triumphing cost-powerful software program solution representing the first-rate cost viable for operators seeking out an entire online sports activities sports having a bet bundle deal. This sports activity having a betting software and platform gadgets operators lose from dealing with more than one sports activities providers at the identical time as allowing fast get right of entry to all of the crucial equipment in an unmarried area. Over 25,000 live activities/month, over 50 sports and over 2,000 special betting markets,fully managed software application platform: we cope with the entirety for you, from event creation and odds compiling to danger control and guess agreement,value-powerful solution: the customer wants to recognition on gamers and advertising and we deal with the entirety else; there's no want to spend money on pricey facts feeds or buyers,real-time front-quit, the usage of actual push technology,responsive front-stop nicely matched with all browsers,API help with the choice to completely customise your sportsbook design, create your own the front-surrender with extraordinary ease, basically with the use of HTML, CSS, and javascript and without a net servers required. With our product,there can be a low opportunity of dropping in view that we offer a win and lose technique with our customers consequently assuring you a assured 84.Nine% of your guess. Continue reading...

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Contents: Membership Site
Author: Craig
Official Website:
Price: $12.00

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Tennis Goldmine Review

Tennis Goldmine is a lucrative tennis betting system that only requires a bookie account with an investment stake as little as $3 as initial investment for persons who do not have an understanding of how it works and want to be cautious in the beginning. The system has been made to accommodate everybody regardless of gender, age, educational background, and employment status. It is very user-friendly and very easy to set up. Tennis Goldmine takes just a few steps to set up meaning very little time is required to set it up, 2 minutes approximately. Once the settings are all done, the Tennis Goldmine takes over and begins to work for you. Tennis Goldmine has the potentials of changing your financial story and making you a happier person for good if you follow the steps required well. You will require less effort to make huge sums of money with Tennis Goldmine for a very long time. So long as tennis still exist, that is how long you will make your money. This simply means Tennis Goldmine is Evergreen. Once you are subscribed, you are given a 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and payment is only done once and for ever. Every update of the system is done FOR FREE. Continue reading...

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Contents: Membership Site
Author: Patrick Ross
Price: $121.00

Implied Volatility Dynamics

In the previous chapter we looked at ways to measure and forecast realized volatility. In a sports gambling context this would be akin to us forecasting which team would be most likely to win the game. In this chapter we look at the ways implied volatility can move. This would be the equivalent of predicting how the bookmakers' line might move before the game. Remember that we are not trading either realized or implied volatility directly. We are trading the spread between the two, so edge can be found on both sides.

Fx Spread Betting

Spread betting is as old as the City itself, but was first offered as an organized service in 1974 by IG Index, a company that today remains the largest spread betting bookmaker. The idea is simple the client asks for a price in the relevant spot rate, and then chooses to buy or sell a specified amount, expressed in GBP per pip movement. 3. Spread betting clients can use 'guaranteed' (i.e. slippage-free) stops to trade on much lower margin. Some of the larger bookmakers will even allow a trusted client to deal on zero margin, without any kind of stop (so long as the client is a UK resident). 4. Profits from spread betting are free of Capital Gains Tax (so long as the client is not using spread betting activity as his main source of income. The transaction is considered to fall under gambling legislation, rather than the legislation covering investment activity there is a small Gross Profits Tax that the bookmaker absorbs as part of their costs).

Sports Betting Systems

Sports Betting Systems

STOP Losing When Placing Bets! You Need A Proven Step By Step Sports Betting System Before You Hand Over Your Hard Earned Cash! Discover the simple techniques and strategies to winning BIG when placing Sports Bets! Do you like sports betting? Perhaps you are thinking that you would like to have a good system when it comes to betting on sporting games. Betting on sports takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge.

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