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I believe it is easier to make money on the markets if it is not your main source (or hopeful source) of income.

If you're currently in a full-time job you should do what I did and think about new income streams. I did a "Buffy" phoneline and became a distributor for

Telecom Plus selling telephony and energy in my spare time. Think about things you could do, or find to do, to make extra as well as the trading.

Is there anything extra you could do at work to make money for yourself? Any contacts who might give you freelance work? See if you can find yourself some new income. It's one of the ways to eventually quit work.

The reason I suggest more than one source of income is that you will be more relaxed when trading. If you are trying to make trading your only source of income you will be much more stressed, therefore likely to snatch at profits, not cut losers and not make enough money.

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Thinking Big and Getting Rich

Thinking Big and Getting Rich

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