Secret Trends and Patterns

Trend Lines 98

Channelling Stocks 99

Head and Shoulders Pattern 102

Head and Shoulders Pattern with Volume 105

When it isn't a Head and Shoulders Pattern 106

Failed Head and Shoulders Pattern 107

Trend Reversals 108

Congestion 110

Whippy Trends 112

Controlled Tends 114

Two Consecutive Close Rule 115

Bullish Gaps 116

Chapter 10 - Market Internals

Gauging Market Direction 120

TRIN Indicator 122

TRIN and Patterns 124

TRIN in a Trend 126

TICK Indicator 128

TICK and Territory 129

TICK Extremes 131

TICK Support and Resistance 132

Chapter 11 - The Futures and Relativity

NASDAQ and the S&P Futures 136

Futures and Time-Frames 137

Futures and General Stock Direction 140

Futures and News-related Stocks 141

Futures and Moving Averages 142

NASDAQ and S&P Futures Comparison 144

Market Volatility Index 145

Chapter 12 - Liquidity

Stock Liquidity 150

Illiquid Stocks and Volume 152

Liquid Stocks and Volume 153

Level 2 Liquidity 154

StockTeacher Method Table of Contents / iii

Stocks and Shares Retirement Rescue

Stocks and Shares Retirement Rescue

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