Diamond Pattern

The "Diamond" pattern is very reliable and consists of four-sided price action. It is also similar to adding two "triangle" patterns, Inverted and Symmetrical, together. "Diamond" patterns are both continuation and reversal patterns. If the pattern occurs in the midst of a trend, it will present a continuation of the trend in the same direction prior to the formation. If the pattern occurs at the tops or bottoms, it will be a reversal pattern. Diamond "tops" form more often than Diamond "bottoms."

Trade: In "Diamond" patterns, continuous patterns form more often than reversal formations. In a continuation pattern, wait for a breakout of the "Diamond" pattern and trade in the direction of the trend prior to the pattern formation. In reversal formations, trade in the opposite direction of the prior trend. Confirm breakouts and breakdowns by price-action.

Target: Continuation "Diamond" patterns provide excellent target criteria. The prior range before "Diamond" formation is the target from the breakout or breakdown level. In reversal formations, prior major swing highs/lows are set as the targets.

Stop: Place a "stop" order above the high of the "Diamond" pattern for a short-trade and below the low of the "Diamond" for a long-trade.

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