Three Hills and A Mountain

The "Three Hills and A Mountain" is rare, but a very reliable pattern. This pattern is similar to the "3-Drives (Bearish)" pattern. However, the "Three Hills" pattern is not of equal magnitude hills, and consists of another reversal trade in the original trend direction. The pattern also has a close relation to Elliott wave theory. The pattern supports Fibonacci retracement and extension concepts for key support and resistance areas. This pattern has two trade setups; one "short" and one "long."

Each hill retraces to a minimum of 0.5 to 0.618 (Fibonacci ratio) of its height before expanding into the next hill. After completion of the "Three Hills," a trend line is drawn in the chart below connecting the bottoms of the "Three Hills." A close below the trend line gives a short-trading opportunity. After completion of 62% of the prior range, it has another important reversal to the upside, the "Mountain" which rallies about 100% to 127% of entire hills range (AB).

Trade: The first trade occurs on the close below the trend line. The second trade occurs after completion of a 62% retracement to the downside-"AB." The second trade is a "long" trade from "C."

Target: The first trade target (Short) is 62% of prior swing length-"AB." The second trade target is from the "C" level, which is 100% to 127% of "AB" to the upside.

Stop: Place the "first trade" stop above the "B" level and the "second trade" stop below the "C" level.

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