Trading 2B Patterns

2B Reversals


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10:32 10:44 10:56 11:14 11:41 12:04 12:29 13:13 13:56 14:29 15:12 15:55

Trading 2B Reversals

The example above shows a series of 2B "bullish" and 2B "bearish" reversals. The first example explains a 2B "sell" reversal setup for a "short" trade below the close of bar (3). The target is set at "swing low prior to bar (1). The "stop" order is set at bar (2)'s high. The second setup shows a 2B "bullish" reversal. A "long" trade is triggered above the high of bar (2). The target is placed at the "swing high" prior to bar (1). A "stop" order was placed below "swing low" prior to bar (3). The third setup is a 2B "short setup" similar to 2B "short setup" at Shor trade 1.

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