Trading Bullish

The example above shows a bullish Bat formation from Boeing's daily chart. Boeing formed a bullish Bat formation from mid January 2007 to March 2007. After XA swing, a 51.6% retracement is marked for "B" level. A Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) is computed at 0.886 of XA, 1.62 of BC and 1.27 of BC range. After a series of "higher high" bars, Boeing stock reversed its prices from PRZ (at D). A "long" trade is triggered above the B level.

1. Enter a "long" trade above B level at $88.

2. Place a "stop" order below the low of D at $84.60.

3. Place a "Target" 1.27 of XA level at $94.

Trading Bearish Bat

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