The Traders Levels Of Ascension

In the process of becoming a professional FOREX trader, there are five levels through which it has been proved that practically everyone will have to evolve. Sometimes you might think that you have reached a higher level, just to find yourself again at level one or two. I like to use the following as a way to help determine where you are at a certain point in your evolution as trader. Assume that you are on your way to my office building to work with me as a professional currency trader. When you get to the lobby, you find out that all the professional traders in my office are on the fifth floor. The problem is that there is only one way to get to the fifth floor, and that is to work your way up. Obviously, you have made your mind up that trading currency is something you want to do, and you have committed to by investing in this book. So you decide to take the journey and start off on the first floor.

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