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trading patterns - SwingTracker is a real time charting program available at that is designed to identify swing trading opportunities. While SwingTracker has many features (described in the Appendix), the scan feature is used to identify stocks whose price action show patterns that make them good candidates for swing trading. The scan feature allows you to identify patterns based on price history, volume history, moving averages, technical indicators, candlestick criteria, and fundamental company characteristics. Scan criteria are saved in a scan library so they can be used over and over again. A scan scenarios (also called a template) can be used to evaluate patterns in over 6000 stocks on the NYSE, the AMEX, and the NASDAQ. This evaluation happens in real time. During the day, you can use SwingTracker to watch the price and volume behavior of individual stocks. You can easily monitor stocks on a favorites list, and set alerts to tell you when particular prices are reached. These features are available from other services, usually at a higher cost than SwingTracker.

Since SwingTracker was designed by Mr. Swing, it comes with the ability to identify his favorite swing trading patterns, including those used to identify stocks for the MasterSwings service.

We will describe some of the criteria used to select swing trading candidates in the section entitled Pattern Recognition Criteria.

• MrSwing Lite is a free newsletter that is published once a week - it identifies several stocks that are good long and short swing trading opportunities. You can look at the price pattern and obtain the necessary quote information (previous day's high, low and close) using web sites like or

Not surprisingly, MrSwing recommends using SwingTracker to examine the price patterns and quote information because it is specifically designed for swing trading. Choose the tools that suit your needs and your budget.

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