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Why Trade with FX Solutions:

Fixed Effective Spreads: In all market conditions, even fast-moving or volatile markets (a)

Streaming Rates: Benefit from real-time prices that accurately reflect the interbank FX market

Automatic Execution: 98.72% of all orders are automatically executed and never touched by a human dealer (b)

Leverage from 50:1 to 400:1: Choose from 6 different leverage ratios (c)

Multiple Order Types: Place buy entry stops, buy entry limits, sell entry stops and sell entry limits as well as market orders

Integrated Risk Management: Set up to five stops and limits per order, including trailing stops

Anytime, Anywhere: Use a single username and password for GTS Pro, GTS Web, GTS Mobile and FX AccuCharts r i


Advantage, Trader.

(a) While we strive to display fixed price spreads at all times, there may be occasions, however rare, where a significant market or world event may force us to widen spreads without prior notice to our clients.

(b) For the time period of April 1, 2008 through June 30, 2008 (c) Leverage: FX Solutions asks that you consider the risks associated with increasing your leverage. A relatively small market movement will have a proportionally large impact on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit; this may work against you as well as for you. You may sustain a total loss of initial margin and you may be required to deposit additional funds to cover a short margin position. Flexible leverage is available for self-traded accounts only (does not apply to managed accounts).

Foreign investors, who often have stronger feelings and greater knowledge of American principles and ideals than Americans themselves, are stunned by the government's bailouts. Of course the bailouts are good for their own institutions, most of which own the same toxic mortgage paper. It wouldn't benefit them if the U.S. government allowed this paper to

Based on the example of Japan, although a banking crisis is always bad for a country and its economy, it's not always bad for a currency.

go to zero and American institutions failed. But they are disappointed and dismayed, anyway.

This is what is behind the dollar's downward slide as the month and quarter came to an end. In the grand scheme of factors affecting a currency's value, observation over many years leads us to put "institutional variables" first. The relevant institutions for the FX market are the government, the central bank, and the financial sector. An economy can be robust and booming, but if the government makes unwise choices (excessive budget deficits, for example), the central bank is not responsive (to upcoming changes in inflation and inflation expectations) and the financial sector is disorganized and ineffective (undercapitalized or failing to price assets correctly), the "good" economy takes second place to "bad" institutions.

A key reason for the dollar's primacy over decades of turmoil is the size, variety, and transparency of U.S. securi-

Gold fell from above $1,000 in March 2008 to $739 on Sept 12. On Sept. 17 it rallied from a low of $742 to $846 in a single day.

Source: data — eSignal and Reuters Online; charts — MetaStock


Source: data — eSignal and Reuters Online; charts — MetaStock


Based on the extension of linear regression lines, both gold and the Euro formed bubbles.

Source: data — eSignal and Reuters Online; charts — MetaStock

ties markets. Over it all is the rule of law. When size and variety shrink because of bad judgment, and transparency in at least some assets is entirely lacking (i.e., we can't mark the alphabet-soup paper to market because there is no mar-

continued on p. 18


Integrated Chart Trading Streamlined Order Placement Flexible Order Management FlexiTrading

Multi-Currency Accounts Integrated Reporting

Introducing DealStationFX

A revolutionary new trading platform from MG Financial Group, fully-integrated with the most important trader-centric features for faster execution, better decision making, and the highest degree of convenience, helping traders achieve their goals in the fast-moving Forex market.

Optimized Execution

Have your orders executed in a transparent environment

Our streaming architecture ensures that you have access to real-time prices and that your orders are executed transparently at fixed spreads.

Streamlined Order Management

Manage your orders more efficiently

Through enhanced order entry, real-time order modification, one-click and chart-trading functionality, DealStationFX speeds-up and simplifies order management.

Integrated Charting, News, and Analysis Tools

Fine-tune your strategy with built-in comprehensive trading tools

Enhance your analysis through advanced charting with an extensive selection of technical indicators and streaming Dow Jones news, all available where and when you need them.

Flexibility & Customization

Take command of your workspace environment

With numerous layout options integrated in a modernized interface, DealStationFX offers limitless possibilities in adapting your layout to suit any trading style or scenario. Create the layout you always wanted by customizing the workspace to your exact preferences.

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