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Boring, isn't it?

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▼ Marc Chandler is the head of global foreign exchange strategies at Brown Brothers Harriman and an associate professor at New York's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. From May 2001 through Oct. 1, 2004, he was chief currency strategist at HSBC Bank USA. Prior to HSBC, he was the chief currency strategist at Mellon Financial, a senior currency strategist at Deutsche Bank, and the director of research at EZA Associates.

▼ Ezechiel Copic ([email protected]) is a currency analyst at IDEAglobal in New York. Prior to joining IDEAglobal, he served as a currency analyst at MG Financial Group as well as a research associate at Economy.com. He holds an masters in international political economy from Fordham University as well as a bachelor's in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

▼ Barbara Rockefeller (www.rts-forex.com) is an international economist with a focus on foreign exchange. She has worked as a forecaster, trader, and consultant at Citibank and other financial institutions, and currently publishes two daily reports on foreign exchange. Rockefeller is the author of Technical Analysis for Dummies (For Dummies, 2004), 24/7 Trading Around the Clock, Around the World (John Wiley & Sons, 2000), The Global Trader (John Wiley & Sons, 2001), and How to Invest Internationally, published in Japan in 1999. A book tentatively titled How to Trade FX is in the works.

▼ Howard Simons is president of Rosewood Trading Inc., and a strategist for Bianco Research. He writes and speaks frequently on a wide range of economic and financial market issues.

▼ Cornelius Luca is the author of Technical Analysis Applications (2004, McGraw-Hill), Trading in the Global Currency Markets (2000, Penguin Books, second edition), Technical Analysis Applications in the Global Currency Markets (2000, Penguin Books, second edition), and Introduction to Technical Analysis (1997, Euromoney).

▼ Howard Simons is president of Rosewood Trading Inc., and a strategist for Bianco Research. He writes and speaks frequently on a wide range of economic and financial market issues.

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