Wiley Trading Advantage

Trading without Fear / Richard W Arms, Jr.

Neural Network: Time Series Forecasting of Financial Markets / E. Michael Azoff Option Market Making / Alan J. Baird

Money Management Strategies for Futures Traders / Nauzer J. Balsara Genetic Algorithms and Investment Strategies / Richard J. Bauer

Technical Market Indicators: Analysis and Performance / Richard J. Bauer and Julie R. Dahlquist

Seasonality: Systems, Strategies & Signals / Jacob Bernstein

The Hedge Fund Edge / Mark Boucher

Managed Futures: An Investor's Guide / Beverly Chandler

Beyond Technical Analysis / Tushar Chande

The New Technical Trader / Tushar Chande and Stanley S. Kroll

Trading on the Edge / Guido J. Deboeck

Trading the Plan / Robert Deel

The New Science of Technical Analysis / Thomas R. DeMark

Point and Figure Charting / Thomas J. Dorsey

Trading for a Living / Dr. Alexander Elder

Study Guide for Trading for a Living / Dr. Alexander Elder

The Day Trader's Manual / William E Eng

The Options Course: High Profit & Low Stress Trading Methods / George A. Fontanills The Options Course Workbook / George A. Fontanills Trading 101 / Sunny J. Harris Trading 1021 Sunny J. Harris

Analyzing and Forecasting Futures Prices / Anthony F. Herbst Technical Analysis of the Options Markets / Richard Hexton

Pattern, Price & Time: Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems /James A. Hyerczyk Profits from Natural Resources: How to Make Big Money Investing in Energy, Food & Metals / Roland A. Jansen Trading Systems & Methods, Third Edition / Perry J. Kaufman Trading to Win / Ari Kiev, M.D. Understanding Options / Robert Kolb The Intuitive Trader / Robert Koppel McMillan on Options / Lawrence G. McMillan

Trading on Expectations / Brendan Moynihan v

Intermarket Technical Analysis / John J. Murphy

Forecasting Financial Markets, 3rd Edition / Mark J. Powers and Mark G. Castelino Neural Networks in the Capital Markets / Paul Refenes Cybernetic Trading Strategies / Murray A. Ruggiero, Jr.

The Option Advisor: Wealtb-Building Techniques Using Equity and Index Options / Bernie G. Schaeffer Gaming the Market / Ronald B. Shelton Option Strategies, 2nd Edition / Courtney Smith

H-ader Vic II: Principles of Professional Speculation / Victor Sperandeo

Campaign Trading / John Sweeney

The Trader's Tax Survival Guide, Revised / Ted Tesser

The Mathematics of Money Management / Ralph Vince

Portfolio Management Formulas / Ralph Vince

The New Money Management: A Framework for Asset Allocation / Ralph Vince

Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charting / Gary Wagner and Brad Matheny

Trading Chaos: Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profits / Bill Williams

New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds & Commodities / Bill Williams

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