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The Mystery of Volume (2 days) - Tutors: Mr T. Williams, Mike Elvin, and guests. The course is an introduction to Volume Spread Analysis, created by Tom Williams. The seminar reveals robust trading tools and methods of analysis to give traders a powerful edge.

The Psychology of Trading (2 days) - Tutors: Mark Douglas and Mike Elvin. The highly respected author of The Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone will reveal the essence of disciplined trading and the requirements for becoming a success in this difficult field. Mark Douglas has trained professional traders at many of the International Exchanges and has assisted them in the transition from pit to screen trading.

The Way of the Warrior Trader - Futures Trading (2 days - followed by long-term personal coaching) - Tutors: Richard McCall and Mike Elvin. The highly respected author of The Way of the Warrior Trader introduces short-term futures trading methods that have proved highly profitable. On completing the course, the trainee joins an international group of master traders offering invaluable support and guidance while trading live.

One-Day Introduction to Stock Market Trading - Tutors: Mike Elvin and guests. How do you know that you are able to make a major change in your career? Is trading for you? How do you know your tutor has genuine skills to teach you?

These and many questions can be answered by attending a one-day observation course. You will be able to observe a trader at his or her home and you can assess for yourself the level of skills shown. The demonstrator may be a graduate of the course who has started on minimum funds and whose general background is similar to your own. You are advised that each course participant undertakes this course prior to paying full course fees thus enabling the student to make a low risk investment in training.

You will observe the trading process being applied by the trader as outlined in the Comprehensive Model Of Trading Competence. There will be classroom teaching as well as discussions of personal needs.

Ten-Day Course on Stock Market Trading - Tutors: Mike Elvin and Tom Williams - Guests who are experts in the stock market industry will also be invited.

Week 1

Introduction to Stock and Futures Markets The Market Participants

Market Division of Stock - Categories of Liquidity

Rotation of Stock and Market Testing

Fundamental and Technical Analysis Explained

A Technical Analysis of the Processes Driving a Bull and Bear Market

How to Interpret Market Dynamics to your Advantage

Volume Spread Analysis - Relation of Price to Spread; Implications of Climactic

Volume; Trading Rules of Thumb; Generic Trading Rules Types of Brokerage Orders - When and How to Place Them Use of Internet Trading Platforms

Introduction to Database Management - The Essentials for Traders Developing Adequate Records - Double Entry Systems

Week 2

Review of Empirical Research on Personality Factors Producing Successful Traders' Objective Definition of Market Risk and Mathematical Models of Inference (requires only basic arithmetic) Spread Betting and Contracts for Difference

The Loss Trap and How to Avoid It

Negative Stress - Biological and Psychological Perspectives Applied to Trading

Budo Zen and the Application of Fear Control to Trading

Defining Discipline and Writing a Business Plan

Efficacy in Relation to Mechanical and Intuitive Trading Systems

Psychometrics as a Tool for Self-knowledge - Spotting Training Needs

Beliefs and Filters - The Influence of Beliefs on Decision-making Processes

Developing Positive Attitudes

Beliefs, Mental Strategies, and Mental States

The Comprehensive Model Of Trading Competence

Introduction to Generic Trading Systems - Elliot Wave, Gann, Omega Trade Station Review of Technical Analysis and the Commencement of Paper Trading

Following completion of the course, all participants will be able to read the market and commence paper trading successfully. The school can provide a total package of datafeed, PC, brokerage discounts, and training. See further details at The above syllabus may vary to meet the needs of the student group and to address any special circumstances in market behaviour.

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