Boin Daily

01-23 05:39

"The following day I would have been stopped out at the open. I would have lost one tick on my first contract and two ticks on my second. I would have been down $68.

"The subsequent correction broke through where the trend line would have been, thereby ending the series, but leaving behind a Ross hook at point F.

"I would now have been without a trend line, but day G would have taken out the Ross hook at point F, and so I would have been short one contract. At the close I was showing profits of $120. I then would move my stop to a point at which I would be able to salvage at least 50% of my unrealized paper profits.

"I would have been stopped out the following day at the open with a five tick profit, or $30. Subtracting costs would have left me with a $20 loss. I would have then been down $88.

"Day H would have seen me short again as prices took out the Ross hook created by the failure of the previous day to make a new low.

"By the time of the close, I would have had $103 in profits, so I would have moved my protective stop to protect 50% of those profits.

B01N DAILY 1991 1991 1991 1991 5148 35372

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