I've shown this so many times now, I hope the reader will know exactly what it is I did. But just in case, I now had a count of 3 segments going up. I placed a buy order above the high, and moved my sell order below the low.

I was short a twenty-five lot at 37615 on what turned out to be a tiny doji bar. My stop was $250 above my entry, and my liquidation goal for covering costs was at 37605. With about one minute to go on the bar, I called in and moved my protective stop to one tick above the previous bar's close. I didn't like the hesitation I was seeing in the market.

I didn't have to worry for too long. The next bar opened a tad lower and then dropped enough for me to cover costs. After covering, I moved my stop first to breakeven and then, as the bar closed, to protect half my profits. My stop was at 37600.

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