Prices rose even higher on the next price bar. I moved all stops to 878 to protect profits.

With prices making a double top and a reversal on the last bar of the day, I exited my entire position one minute before the close at 891.

I feared a gap down opening for the following day, and did not like the alternatives that were available. A stop in the London market didn't make much sense because I wouldn't know exactly where to put it unless I watched the London opening. That meant getting up in the middle of the night.

I didn't want to spend another $375 for insurance by using a spread against March. The easiest thing to do was to get out, so I did.

Profits were $3,852.80 based upon one contract making 12 points, three contracts making 10 points, seven contracts making 30 points, and four contracts making 23 points. Costs of $625 gave net profit of $3,227.80.

Although I lost some points on the open, I was glad I had gotten out of the trade the day before. Prices plunged all through the day.

I placed a buy stop above the triple top and waited for further developments.

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