3850 3825 3800: 3775 3750 3725 3700 3675 3650 3625 3600 3575 3550 3525 3500 3475 3450 3425 3400 3375 3350: 3325

We're looking at four day's worth of five minute charts here. I've blocked off what has turned out to be a very significant area. It should be noticed that prices entered this area at some point on every single one of those days.

But even before I saw all four days, when day two dropped into that area, I was looking to sell any breakout of the congestion low of day one. I never got my chance, as the market closed inside the congestion area. On day three I did short the minor congestion that occurred on day two (in the box), which then went on to take out the low of day one.

As we can see, day three was not the best of days for me in the crude oil, but it was more or less typical of the kind of trade I end up in. I'll show it more closely below.

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