True Trend Method

"Some Very Basic Trading"

"Over the years, my trading has become somewhat intricate, and very intuitive. This is due to viewing thousands upon thousands of charts, and trading in every time frame from one minute charts to weekly charts.

"But trading doesn't have to be intuitive and intricate at all. In fact, some of the best trading I've ever done has been some of the most straightforward and simple trading of my entire career.

"In this issue, I'm going to start showing you some very basic trading techniques. They have served me well for many years. I will start out with the very first method I ever learned. I traded successfully with it from the very outset of my trading, and in fact, I ran a $5,000 account up to $28,000 in the first five months I used it.

"This method worked for me immediately and still works today. I have no doubt it will always work, because it is based on truth. Truth is constant, it never changes.

"You have heard time and time again that the trend is your friend. In this method, I will teach you how to use the trend. You have heard that you need to keep your losses small and stay with your winners. This technique will enable you to do that. It is so simple that many of you will not believe it. You have heard that you should let the market tell you what to do. This concept is the very embodiment of that wisdom.

"It will be your loss if you don't accept the sheer simplicity of the plain truth I'm about to show you. I can tell you this, I made my living for the first three years I traded with this one simple way to trade. I did nothing else except wait until the right event took place.

"Are you ready for this? OK, here we go!

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