Interesting are the two areas narked on the chart. Uhy? Because the first one represents a breakout of the high of three days ago.

The second one is a breakout of the high tuo days ago. Both are congestions just prior to an internediate event.

I want to draw your attention to the last assault on the high of two days ago. It is the high in box #2 on the chart. The assault begins with a 1-2-3 low formation. As the second number two point on the chart above is violated, we make our entry 1 tick above the price at number two. Prices take off and never look back. That is the kind of trade we're looking for. That trade is the one that brings home the most profits for the day.

I'll show another example. It's happening right now on my computer screens as this is being written. It's a perfect example of what I mean.

Vesterday's high

Long ori a breakiut of the high of tuo days ago,

Long on a breakout of yesterday's high, *

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