Proven Candlestick Patterns

Steve Pfilmquisl

The Complete Guide to Technical Indicators

Mark Larson

Length: 6 hours

Item #5197572 Price $795

6+ hours on 4 DVDs! Now you can easily carve through the hundreds of indicators and get right to the ones that make money most often and help you achieve success in trading in this comprehensive guide to cracking the code of technical indicators.

The Insider's Guide to Forex Trading

Kathy Lien

Length: 90 min

Item #5197573 Price $99

This course that gives you the tools, tactics and expertise you need to tap into the huge potential forex trading offers—from the return boosting advantage of interest paid out on currencies to the flexibility of the 24/7 markets.

Seven Set-ups that Consistently Make Money

Jeff Cooper

Length: 90 min

Item #5197574 Price: $129

A reliable trading set-up can be worth a fortune in winning trades. Jeff Cooper, hands over his seven most consistently profitable set-ups that will work in a wide variety of market conditions.

Predicting Market Trends

Alan Farley

Length: 90 min

Item #5197575 Price: $99

To master the complexity of our modern financial markets, traders need innovative timing techniques and sound trade management in order to profit. In this 90-minute presentation, the Master Swing Trader, Alan Farley, shows you how to incorporate market trends and timing into every single trade you make.

Proven Candlestick Patterns

Steve Palmquist

Length: 90 min

Item #5197576 Price: $99

After testing every known candlestick pattern, Steve Palmquist has determined which candlesticks are the most effective and gives you extensive data and techniques for how to best incorporate them into your trading strategy.

New Tactics in Technical Analysis

Jeff Greenblatt

Length 90 min

Item #5197586 Price: $99

In this innovative DVD course, Jeff Greenblatt brings you new tactics to see the big moves before they happen, so you are ready to make big trades time after time again like a machine.

Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders, 2nd Ed.

Marting Pring Length 90 min Item #5197587 Price: $99

One of the greatest technicians in the industry has taken one of his best courses and made it even better with new tactics, new examples and his sharp and straight-forward insights. Traders' Hall of Fame Award Winner, Martin Pring, walks you through how to identify the trend, confirm the trends and then apply short term tactics to exploit the trend.

ETF Trading Tactics: Using the Power of the Market to Make Money

David Vomund Length: 90 min Item #5197588 Price: $99

Vomund's rock-solid and simple strategies for evaluating and rotating ETFs will have you on your way to profiting in no time. Don't get left behind... make ETFs a part of your trading strategy and start seeing returns.

Options Strategies for Consistent Income

Ross Jardine

Length 90 min

Item #5197589 Price: $99

Perfect for novice investors just getting started with options or for active traders who want to hone their options trading skills, Ross Jardine's new 90-minute course shows you how to accomplish every investor's goal -- how to earn consistent and reliable income from the stock market.

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