How the 30 Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Have Changed since Oct 1 1928

1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s

Wright Aeronautical Curtlss-Wrlght ('29)

Allied Chemical & Dye

North American

Victor Talking Machine Natl Cash Register ('29)

International Nickel

International Harvester

Westinghouse Electric

Texas Gulf Sulphur

American Sugar

American Tobacco (B)

Hudson Motor ('30) Coca-Cola ('32) National Steel ('35)

Johns-Manville ('30)

Intl. Shoe ('32) United Aircraft ('33) National Distillers ('34)

Eastman Kodak ('30)

Allied Signal* ('85)

American Express

Navistar* ('86) Caterpillar ('91) Caterpillar

Owens-Illinois ('59)

Travelers Group ('97) Citigroup* ('98)

General Motors

General Motors

Hewlett-Packard ('97) Hewlett-Packard

Home Depot*

Atlantic Refining

Paramount Publix

International Paper

Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson

General Railway Signal

American Smelting

General Foods* ('29)

Nash Motors ('32) United Aircraft ('39)

Minn. Mining (3M)

Philip Morris ('85) Philip Morris

Procter & Gamble

SBC Communications

United Technologies

Wal-Mart Stores ('97) Wal-Mart Stores

Note: Year of change shown in (); * denotes name change, in some cases following a takeover or merger. To track changes in the components, begin in the column for 1928 and work across. For instance, American Sugar was replaced by Borden in 1930, which in turn was replaced by Du Pont in 1935. Unlike past changes, each of the four new stocks being added doesn't specifically replace any of the departing stocks; it's simply a four-for-four switch. Home Depot has been grouped as replacing Sears because of their shared industry, but the other three incoming stocks are designated alphabetically next to a departing stock.

SOURCE: From The Wall Street Journal, October 27, 1999. Reprinted by permission of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. via Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. © 1999. Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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